Hyrail Equipment


We take pride in providing hyrail (also known as hirail, high rail and rail gear) equipment to the Dakotas and offer a stocked inventory for many common components involved in this industry. We service various means of hyrail equipment and hyrail transportation including hyrail pickups and hyrail semi trucks. We carry frequently damaged  components that become unserviceable or broken. Some of the common products our shop carries include, wheels, sweeps and race guards.

Our shop also carries several hyrail equipment electrical parts as well. From LMI cables to PAP systems, electronic control solenoids for Danfoss valves to PBG32 units all the way up to an RSQ12. We also keep several other components in stock to get any client up and running in a timely manner. Our shop offers a wide range of options for hyrail maintenance and we can come directly to your job to service your equipment. For a free quote for your job, please click here.

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Sales, Service & Maintenance Packages!

Hyrail Pickup Services Include

  • Lift Gate Service
  • Engine Repair
  • Drive Line Repair
  • Frame Adjustments

Hyrail Semi Truck Services Include

  • DOT Inspections
  • Transmission Service
  • Clutch Service
  • Regular Inspections