Never Drive a Damaged Hyrail Vehicle

Call us for hyrail equipment repair work in Bismarck or Dickinson, ND

Northern Crane & Rail Services offers hyrail equipment repair work in Bismarck and Dickinson, ND and the surrounding area. Hyrail (also known as hy-rail hi-rail, high rail and road rail) equipment is used to convert road vehicles into dual-function rail and road vehicles. Some of the common products you can find at our shop include wheels, sweeps and race guards.

You can visit our hyrail equipment service shop or have us come to your job site.

Specializing in hyrail repairs and maintenance

Specializing in hyrail repairs and maintenance

Northern Crane & Rail Services specializes in hyrail pickups, semitrucks and crane trucks. You can depend on us for preventive hyrail equipment service, including...

  • Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) inspections: Make sure your hyrail equipment is up-to-code and damage-free.
  • Mechanical troubleshooting: Find out what's wrong with your brakes, wheels, clutch or lift gate.
  • Frame adjustments: After any type of damage, it's important to make sure your vehicle's frame is aligned.
We stock a variety of hyrail parts, including LMI cables, PAP systems, electronic control solenoids for Danfoss valves and PBG32-RSQ12 units.

Dial 701-751-0310 now for a free hyrail equipment repair estimate. We're based in Bismarck, North Dakota and will travel up to 400 miles to reach your work site.